Communicable Diseases


Sri Lanka’s achievement on control of communicable diseases in South-East Asia Region is commendable. Sri Lanka is in the verge of the eliminating:

*      Lymphatic Filariasis,

*      Leprosy,

*      Malaria and,

*      Polio.


Keeping in line with the CCS priorities of WHO in Sri Lanka, prevention and control of communicable diseases need to be continued with its focus on reducing excess mortality and morbidity especially among the poor and marginalized and on assisting the country to reduce health inequities and provide accessible, quality health services.


WHO in Sri Lanka has concentrated its technical support in this area mainly on:

*      Prevention and control of Vaccine Preventable Disease through a mature and well established EPI programme including AEFI surveillance.

*      Prevention and control of emerging and re-emerging diseases such as Leptospirosis, Dengue, cutaneous Leishmaniasis and other zoonotic diseases

*      Reinforcing the country’s ability to sustain the communicable disease elimination efforts by national capacity building in the areas of surveillance, research, and legislation.

*      Supporting the strengthening of the existing disease surveillance system by expanding it to capture morbidity data from the out-patient departments of public and private medical facilities;

*      Reviewing the disease control programmes and providing technical assistance to improve the weaker areas in implementation;

*      Strengthen the capacity on outbreak preparedness and response, including pandemic preparedness and response

*      Preparation of mid-term strategic plans and budgeted operational plans;

*      Resource mobilization efforts mainly for TB, HIV and malaria control programmes, through GFATM mechanisms

*      Providing new and quality assured technologies mainly for diagnosis and management of diseases;

*      Supporting conduct of operational research for evidence-based decision making.

Fact Sheet on Dengue

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