World Health Day 2010 - Urbanization and Health – Urban Health Matters


World Health Organization Country Office (WCO) Sri Lanka has supported activities to mark the World Health Day 2010 together with its counterparts. Relevant directorates of Ministry of Health, non health government organizations, UN agencies, and nongovernmental organizations and more importantly the municipalities and urban councils have been invited to partner with WCO in ensuring the success of this endeavor.  





Major programs and events planned, completed and ongoing in Sri Lanka to mark the World Health Day 2010


Press conference organized in coordination with Media Unit Ministry of Health 0n 1st April 2010 following which there were couple of news items in electronic and print media


City of Thamankaduwa in Polonnaruwa District - Reawakening programme of the city titled Pubadamu Pulathisi was coordinated by Medical Officer of Health (MOH)/Thamankaduwa and Regional Director of Health Services (RDHS) Polonnaruwa. An advocacy seminar for political leaders, Government officers and businessman on 1st April, an aerobic exercise session for the staff of health and administrative authorities on 5th April and an awareness campaign for general public through health committees (“Suwa Seva Kamitu”) and through public address systems were the main events conducted as an initiation of a long term program.


City of Chilaw in Puttalam DistrictAn event coordinated and organized by MOH Chilaw and RDHS/Puttalam was conducted on 12th April. It included an aerobic sessions for volunteers from various institutions and areas who would act as change agents on a long term basis to bring a social attitude on exercises, an awareness program for general public on risk factors, primary prevention, early detection and treatment of non communicable diseases together with a screening health clinic by medical professionals.


City of Colombo in Colombo District - An aerobic session was held on 24th April which is organized by the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) Colombo Municipality with participation low income group city dwellers from two to three Physical Training Centres already commenced and established. It was coupled with the inspection and cleaning up programmes for the prevention of dengue.


City of Tangalle in Hambantota District - Dengue prevention activities titled “Towards Dengue free Tangalle in 2010” including a cleaning up campaigns together with awareness building among the public, home visits for inspection, follow up visits to adherence were conducted by MOH Tangalle /RDHS Hambantota. The commemoration ceremony to keep up the momentum will be held on 10th May.


City of Ampara in Ampara District - No Tobacco awareness and campaign for businessmen, and community leaders on healthy life styles and tobacco secession had been launched by RDHS Ampara and MOH Ampara to bring about social change on smoking aiming expanding the smoke free areas already existing in the city at “Smoke free city” reducing smoking, voluntarily stopping sale of cigarettes and other tobacco product.


City of Baticaloa in Baticaloa District - Cleaning up campaigns of garbage dumps repairs to drainage lines checking of hygienic conditions of restaurants and food stalls organized by Municipality of Baticalo with the coordination of City Mayer and health authorities which was commenced on 8th March well in advance to World Health Day .


An interactive dramatitled Ramya Nagaraya (Beautiful City)” was along with World Health Day (WHD) 2010 Reception on 5th April. The drama stipulated the theme of “Urbanization and Health”, health issues of urbanization and role and responsibilities one will have to minimize or prevent them in a more attractive manner and catered to the heads and hearts of the invitees attended the WHD receptions ranges in a wider spectrum of audiences representing the Political Leaders, Government Officials, UN Officials, Diplomats, WCO Staff and guests. A short technical briefing by WHO Representative on the theme of WHD 2010 and how relevant it is to Sri Lankan context further advocated the guests attending the World Health Day 2010 reception.


For all the programs technical assistance is provided by the Ministry of Health, Provincial and Regional Health Authorities in collaboration with WCO Sri Lanka.